Global Sports Innovation, LLC (GSI) was founded in 2012 by current CEO Jeremy Russotti.  GSI is not only a sports based innovation company, but also a company that helps aspiring inventors bring their products to market.  Jeremy started his company with the J-Glove Shooting Aid in 2009, and is now one of the leading sports product innovators in the country today.  Please visit for more details.
  The J-Glove is the only shooting aid on the market designed to teach a user how to correctly grip, set up, and release a basketball. By promoting proper biomechanics of shooting, the J-Glove uses finger splint design technology in preventing premature finger flexion at the base and middle finger joints.  Additionally, the finger splint design creates absolute perfect shot set up, never allowing the ball to rest on your palm.  
  The J-Strap is the perfect compliment to the J-Glove.  It attaches to your non-dominant arm/thumb and prevents it from being involved in your shot, or where you have rotation of wrist/thumb. For the beginner, it forces the player to shoot with a proper one-arm shot, thus eliminating the two-handed shot. For the intermediate to advanced players, it eliminates force by the thumb, thus focusing more accuracy on your dominant arm release, and less play from your off-hand.  
  Velocity Bands are the "NEW EDGE" for functional sports training. V-Bands are a weighted wrist/ankle weight with a curve body design to be used while performing the movements of various sports. Unlike traditional weights, they are made with a non-slip material and are small and compact to not impede the sports equipment.  
  To see athletic gains, trainers should train a player in a functional setting, while providing an overload resistance to challenge his or her current mechanics and power. O-Bands add a new dimension and intensity to any sports-specific training, instantly increasing the firing of muscle units during athletic movements.  O-Bands enhance flexibility training, linear or lateral movements, speed training, vertical jump training, and weight training exercises.